Student Life Module

Helping to educate your student-athletes, parents and coaches to be their best

Student Life Module

One of the most important characteristics required to be recruited and succeed as a collegiate athlete is to be a leader and great teammate. This requires more than being the best athlete on team. It is what a student-athlete does to build up those around him, the willingness to sacrifice themselves for the benefit for their teammates, and the understanding that their lack of commitment and development to their athletics, academics and attitude will produce a negative effect on their team.

However, in today’s sports culture, too much emphasis has been placed solely on a student’s athletic ability, winning and personal recognition. This has a negative impact on the student-athlete’s attitude and has created an environment that is more about what “I” do for myself versus what “I” am willing to do for my team. Unfortunately, in many instances, this starts with the parents who are more focused on specific results like what position the student-athlete plays, is their student-athlete a starter, how much playing time does the student-athlete get, and is he/she playing on a winning team that gets the most exposure and recognition.

At other times, it is the coach who is more concerned about winning a Saturday morning football game or a tournament championship, than they are concerned about the development or future of the student-athlete. Coaches also looking for specific results from their athletes, more specifically strong stats or their team’s win/loss record are also missing the opportunity to teach life lessons and develop the person, as well as the player.

FACT: Over 70% of all student-athletes quit their participating in sports after 13 years of age. The number one reason is that they are no longer having fun AND the reason they are no longer having fun is because of the negative experience they have had with a parent or a coach! In summary, the important adults in their lives have ruined what was supposed to be a fun and life-building experience.

ACES Nation is addressing this issue through the incorporation of courses and exercises to improve communication, establish mutual expectations and provide comprehensive educational content. The Education Module is designed to help parents, coaches and players to all grow and develop in specific ways.

  • First, within the Athletic Success Center, our original courses are housed to help everyone work together and set proper expectations to ensure that all student-athletes can have the best experience possible.
  • Second, student-athletes’ are engaged in courses to help improve many of the intangible qualities that college coaches are looking for like leadership, protecting their personal mission, setting and achieving goals, and more.  In addition these personal development tools, they will access other valuable resources necessary for them reach their highest potential as a student-athlete.
  • Third, both parents and coaches to learn how to be their best for the benefit of the student-athletes through the courses, podcasts (Coach Your Best) and eBooks (Parent Your Best) provided to educate and guide them through the process of self-improvement.
  • Fourth, even high level athletes will not go to college if they can’t get admitted. Therefore, the ‘Athletic Success Center’ provides tools and resources to help guide them through the tedious college admissions process.  These tools will help student-athletes with their daily academics, SAT/ACT test prep, college applications, specific requirements and financial aid using comprehensive guides and helpful timelines.