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ACES Nation is helping to develop future coaches and leaders in soccer

US Coaches Club, a national leader in customized coaching education and support for youth soccer organizations across North America, and the developer of the “Next Generation Youth Coaching and Leadership Diploma” has partnered with ACES NATION to provide even more incentives for students to complete the course and receive their Diploma, including a scholarship program to help them pay for college

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Business Leaders come together to provide much needed support for youth soccer organizations. Eight companies from across the US, have come together in what is being hailed as a ‘first of its kind alliance’ to provide unprecedented support to the game of soccer in North America. The companies provide a wide variety of services in youth soccer ranging from coaching education to administrative support. They have pledged to work together to improve youth soccer in North America one soccer organization at a time.

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ACES Nation Hosts ‘Hidden Gems’ – More than your average basketball camp

Over thirty players from across West Texas are taking over the Steer gym for Hidden Gems. What appears to be your average basketball camp from the outside, is so much more when you step inside. Character, perseverance, and finding the light in the darkness. Those are the themes shared to the basketball players.

ACES Nation Helps Payton Find a Home

Payton Paro was born in California. She packed up and started over six times by the time she entered seventh grade. One of her stops was in Spain. Another was in Germany. But for the past four years, she put down roots at Plant (Tampa, Florida) and left her mark as one of the school’s best athletes.

Now, she has no idea where she’s going.

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Can a Globe reporter keep up with NFL players in a workout?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jeremy Boone liked the idea.
I asked him if I could stop by his gym, Athlete By Design at the Performance Unlimited Facility, last week while I was in town to watch him work out one of his star pupils, new Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore.
Boone was all for it, but had one stipulation.
“You don’t get to watch,” Boone told me. “You’ve got to participate.”

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Stephon Gilmore should work out well with Patriots

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Talk to the people who know Stephon Gilmore best and two character traits quickly emerge:
First, Gilmore doesn’t say a whole lot.
“He’s always been a good listener,” said his mother, Linda.
Two, Gilmore takes coaching well.
“He wants to be told exactly what to do and how you want it done, and then he’ll go out and he’ll try to do it,” said Dennis Thurman, Gilmore’s defensive coordinator in Buffalo the past two seasons.

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Somebody created a monster in Bills corner Stephon Gilmore

He’s gone. The cornerback the Bills drafted 10th overall in 2012 no longer exists. That Stephon Gilmore would barely recognize this 25-year-old version. Something happened. Something changed.
As Gilmore enters his fifth NFL season — a contract year — the quiet, reserved corner’s new attitude reflects his new goal. And his mission leaves no room for modesty.

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Steelers savior DeAngelo Williams’ leadership, success embody Athlete By Design effect

Jeremy Boone, Founder of Athlete By Design and the Director of Performance for ACES, is transforming the success of professional and olympic athletes in amazing fashion. When you realize what he can do at this level, imagine how he can help organizations to transform players at the youth level!

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Scholarship Central

By Drew Fellios , Former BHSN Reporter, now ESPN Sports Commentator
Pinellas Park — 

As the mad rush of high school athletes try and earn college scholarships year after year, there are questions each athlete, each parent and each family constantly try and answer.
Is the athlete good enough to earn a scholarship?
How soon should that selection/hunting process begin?
Aside from everyday practice, what is the best way for the athlete to fine tune his or her skills?
In their pursuit of a scholarship, how important is it for the athlete to be playing at the right high school for the right coach?
And how essential is participation in club sports?
All these questions and much more were addressed recently at the Bright House Sports Network studio by athlete educator Tim Livingston of ACES Nation.
Livingston also talked about the biggest misconceptions among today’s student- athletes and parents.
This advice is essential for student-athletes entering high school and for parents who have not been through the recruiting process before. And if they have, there is still much to be learned.

By Brooke Bennett, 3x US Olympic Gold Medalist & BHSN Reporter

As youth sports continue to surge, the number of athletes being recruited has hit an all time high.
And this makes the requirements to play at the college level even more critical, but there are things that parents, coaches and athletes can do well before getting into high school to put them ahead of the curve.
How much are you willing to sacrifice to be the best?
ACES Nation CEO, Tim Livingston, has a few key pointers to make the process enjoyable for the athlete, as well as the parents.

If you’d like more information on the development or on recruiting, Livingston maybe reached via or twitter @AthleteEducator.

What It Takes To Be Your Best – NFL PLayers

Watch as Jeremy Boone, ACES Nation Chief Performance Officer and a handful of NFL Players share their insights to what it takes to be your best both on and off the field.

ACES Nation Becomes USL’s Super Y League Educational Partner

The Super Y League, preparing for its 17th season in 2015, announced today a partnership with ACES Nation that will allow Super Y clubs to have access to the most advanced tools and resources in nutrition, performance, college recruiting and college planning.

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KC United Sports Initiative

Co-Director of KC United, Pastor Adrion Roberson, discusses how the KC United youth football program has evolved through its relationship with UYFL and how it is differentiating itself from every other youth sports program in Kansas City through its partnership with ACES Nation.

The Dilemma of the Two-Sport Athlete

In today’s competitive sports environment, specialization in one sport has become the norm. Twenty years ago, high school athlete participated in multiple sports all the way through high school. Why the change? What is causing so many youth athletes to focus on just one sport? Watch this special report featuring the ACES Nation Recruiting Expert, Tim Livingston.

Football Fast with Jeremy Boone

Every athlete wanting to compete at the next level must work on getting faster. Speed is one area where your good isn’t good enough. Check out our ACES Nation Performance Expert and the various drills he used to help these NFL Players get faster on the field.

Scholarship 101 with Tim Livingston

“On BHSN’s “Athlete Educator Series” broadcaster and Sports Reporter, Drew Fellios, sits down with Tim Livingston to discuss challenges, mistakes and pitfalls that players and families must address when it comes to the challenging and, sometimes stressful, college athletic recruiting process.

ACES Nutritionist Helps Prepare All-American Swimmer

Grant House, a promising freestyler at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, attributes much of his recent success to ACES Nutritionist, Dawn Weatherwax, and her work in preparing him for the 4th fast 200 Free time in the nation. House achieved this incredible feat as a freshman in high school.