Nutrition Module

Helping your athletes to eat well, simply and conveniently

Nutrition Module

Nutrition is arguably the most under-rated and under-valued component in a student-athletes performance.  However, sports nutrition alone can improve performance by up to 15%!  For millions of student-athletes trying attempting to rise to, and sustain, an elite level status, an extra inch, a one-tenth faster time, one extra bench press rep or the ability to react a split-second faster may be the difference between being good or great.  Therefore, implementing a disciplined approach to hydration, diet, sleep and supplementation may help to catapult a student-athlete above and beyond their competition.

ACES Nation is putting the issue and focus on nutrition front and center, for not only the student-athlete, but also their entire family.  Historically, the challenges of eating well have primarily been convenience and cost.  We are taking that challenge head on by providing an amazing nutritional meal planning platform for eating well at home or on the road.  No more excuses!

Enterprise Nutrition Platform

  • Improves wellness for the whole family
  • Over 1 million recipes approved by dieticians
  • Individualized meal planning capabilities for athletes
  • Immediate recipe options based on food you have on hand
  • Drag and drop meals to your calendar
  • Instantly create your grocery list
  • Find deals on healthy grocery items in your area
  • Mobile apps for shopping, cooking at home and eating in restaurants