Performance Module

Helping your athletes to perform better - mentally, academically and athletically

Performance Module

Performance is a word that is overused and misunderstood.  Within the athletic community, performance is a generic term solely focused on one’s athletic ability.  In actuality, there is a tremendous amount of complexity associated with “performance” and multiple dimensions are required in order for a student-athlete to compete and perform at the highest level.

We focus on the complete student-athlete and break performance down into three categories:

  • Mental – the student-athlete’s “sports mindset”, the way they think and make decisions, their coachability, judgement capacity, and their ability handle stress, overcome adversity, etc.
  • Academic – the student-athlete’s focus, discipline and dedication in the classroom which reveals the half of how they will be evaluated, or the “student” part of student-athlete
  • Athletic – the student-athlete’s athletic capabilities, usually concentrated on their speed, strength, Sport IQ and the level of their technical skills

Each of these carry equal weight in the growth and development of a student-athlete.  Together, all of them in combination will ultimately play a major role in the student-athlete’s success or failure at each stage of their athletic career and beyond athletics.

We are determined to provide coaches and organizations with the world-class tools necessary to help insure that they are able to develop the complete student-athlete in order to help them reach their highest potential, and not limit them by focusing on just one dimension.

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