Recruiting Module

Helping your athletes to find the college program that is the best fit for them

Recruiting Module

It seems like that in today’s sports environment, every student-athlete thinks about or wants to play in college while most parents believe that their student is good enough or deserves the chance to play in college. Unfortunately, there is a reality when it comes to recruiting which is “numbers don’t lie”, meaning only a small percentage of high school athletes will ever have the opportunity to play in college.

Even for those few that are wanting, willing and able to have that chance and pass the “3 A’s Test” which is Athletics, Academics and Attitude, succeeding and enduring four years as a collegiate student-athlete is extremely difficult. Since nearly 25% of all collegiate athletes quit their sport after their freshman year and about 40% transfer, ACES Nation is addressing the issue head-on by providing organizations with a recruiting platform to help ensure that student-athletes are not just finding a place to play, but the best place for them to play and succeed as a student-athlete!

Our incredibly comprehensive recruiting system is different than anything you have ever seen and has three distinct components, 1) comprehensive online player profile 2) college search tool with two levels of automated compatibility 3) administrative dashboard for coaches to engage in the recruiting process, including easy tools to market and promote both teams and individual players. This one tool will not only represent your organization to college coaches in a more professional manner, but it also incorporates coaches, players and parents into the recruiting process which is what is necessary for a student-athlete to have a positive, and the best chance for a successful, recruiting experience.

Student-Athlete Portal

  • Comprehensive athlete profiles
  • Extensive college research capabilities
  • College search, match and compatibility tools
  • College evaluation tool

Directors and Coaches Portal

  • Improve your image and professionalism
  • Quickly access player information
  • Create team profiles & brochures instantly
  • Market and promote players quickly & easily
  • Stay engaged in the recruiting of your players
  • Track all correspondence