Scholarship Module

Helping to fund private college scholarships for your student-athletes

Scholarship Module

Tuition Reduction Rewards, provided to athletic and performing arts organizations by ACES NATION, is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Rewards points are like frequent flyer miles – but for college tuition!

Tuition Reduction Rewards points are discounts off tuition at participating private colleges and universities which are classified as merit-based scholarships. These Tuition Rewards points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school. Participating schools may count Tuition Reduction Rewards points as part of their normal institutional and merit scholarships.

For example, if a student has 20,000 Tuition Rewards points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimum tuition reduction of $20,000 (spread equally over four years) at a member school.

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  • Guaranteed private college tuition discounts
  • Over 380 private schools participating
  • No qualification required to get it
  • No eligibility required to keep it
  • Guaranteed by the colleges & universities
  • Transferable to other family members
  • Max annual scholarship benefit via ACES Nation is valued at $4,000
  • Max lifetime scholarship benefit via ACES Nation is valued at $20,000
  • Max available scholarship benefit, including other sources, is valued at one

    full year of tuition at participating colleges and universities!

  • Having Tuition Rewards Points does NOT guarantee admissions acceptance