Preparing Student-Athletes For Life


We educate coaches, parents and student-athletes in order to better understand what it will take, what they must do, and why it is important, for student-athletes to train to reach their highest potential, to establish lofty goals and to follow a plan to achieve them.


We equip organizations with world-class tools and the resources needed to help their student-athletes improve their performance mentally, academically and athletically which will give them the greatest chance to advance and succeed at the next level.


With this knowledge and with the proper application of these tools and resources, student-athletes will be empowered to create a personal vision for a successful future and be prepared to make it a reality.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It provides tools to help families save money daily.
- It gives parents tangible benefits to offset their cost of participation.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It connects student-athletes, parents and coaches in the recruiting process.
- It improves the nutritional health and wellness of the entire family.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It helps student-athletes improve mentally, academically and athletically.
- It helps teach life skills like communication, goal setting and leadership.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It creates a pathway to college without having to be a collegiate athlete.
- It brings a college and professional level mentality to youth sports.

How It Works

- It gives hope, opportunity and benefits to those that need it. 

- It validates the importance of athletics, academics and attitude.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It gives you a reason to potentially increase your fees.
- It can generate additional ancillary revenues.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It helps your coaches and staff to be more efficient, effective and productive.
- It will improve your appearance, professionalism and marketability.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It provides access to exclusive world-class performance tools.

- It improves your ability to market and promote your athletes.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It helps you to positively influence the future of your student-athletes.
- It gives you a greater ability to recruit and retain student-athletes.

Reasons To Join ACES Nation

- It dramatically increases your value proposition.
- It provides a complete solution for any athletic organization.

About Us

Our purpose is to help transform futures, improve lives and enrich communities throughout the world!

We will accomplish this while striving daily to positively influence today’s youth, regardless of their athletic or academic talent, age, race, gender or socio-economic status.

To provide a world-class platform to educate, equip and empower millions of student-athletes to reach their highest potential.

This can only be accomplished through tightly bonded partnerships with youth athletic organizations that are dedicated to the personal, mental, academic and athletic growth and development of the complete student-athlete.

We are a team of innovative thought leaders with years of successful athletic, education and business experience.

This strategic alliance was formed for the sole purpose of redefining the expectations and status quo of youth sports in America.  We will do this creating and delivering a platform with solutions to solve the greatest challenges that parents of student-athletes in grades K-12 currently face.

Our expertise has allowed us to establish unique, innovative, and in most cases, exclusive partnerships with world-class companies in order to provide the best available resources to youth athletic organizations, in both sports and arts, for the benefit of their members.

We help you take the development of the complete student-athlete to an unsurpassed level!

Our web-based platform is designed to help student-athletes grow personally, mentally, academically and athletically while participating with any youth athletic organization from recreational to highly competitive.

It provides the tools and resources necessary to Educate, Equip and Empower student-athletes, parents and coaches, so they can reach their highest potential and achieve their life goals.

The platform’s innovative, modular design provides organizations with the flexibility to decide which of the core modules they want to provide to their student-athletes based on age and skill level.

Additionally, our unique ability to offer private college scholarships to nearly every student-athlete, along with the national recognition and professional expertise of the ACES Nation management team, is an unparalleled benefit for all ACES Nation member organizations.

Tuckahoe Tigers Travel Baseball

ACES Nation is the most innovative platform I have seen. From grade school through high school, ACES has the unique capability to harmonize with any organizations goals and values. ACES encompasses the most important pieces of development and growth and puts it at your fingertips.

- Jerry DeFabbia
Former Professional Baseball Player, Former 18 Year College Baseball Coach

WNBA Legend, 2x Olympic Champion

I love sports and love empowering the youth...This program is perfect for bridging the gap between youth sports and college....I see this as a Brilliant idea and a perfect opportunity to change a lot of lives... I am so proud to be part of this 'Movement of Impacting Change' !!!

- Ruthie Bolton

NCAA Student-Athlete

I truly would not be where I am today without ACES Nation and all Tim Livingston has done for me. I was almost completely out of hope, when he offered to help me and found my "perfect fit", which I didn't even know existed! I missed all of recruiting season and wasn't being looked at by any coaches due to an injury, but I'm living the dream at an excellent educational school with a great basketball program!

- Lauren W

Hoop Guru

ACES Nation is a one of a kind platform that gives athletes and their families the ability to enhance their lives for the better. It provides real, meaningful opportunities to change lives in multiple areas in education, nutrition, athletics and savings for college.
This is without a doubt a game changer for the organizations and families that have access to all of the opportunities ACES Nation has to offer.

- Nelson Schorr
Hoop Guru Club Director, 12 Year Head College Basketball Coach

Indiana Elite FC

As the parent of a Student Athlete, I worry constantly about priorities. An athletic scholarship would be amazing, but what are the chances of my little soccer star making that a reality? ACES Nation has been an incredible resource, helping me find the information that I need to make informed decisions about planning for my child's future. They provide Tuition Rewards for Participants, Parenting Resources for Sports Families, Recruiting Tips for Athletes, and even access to Tutoring and Learning Tools.

- Carol P
Soccer Mom, Indiana Elite FC

Sports Facilities Managament

Sport and recreation done well positively impacts the participant, a family, and transformation of a community. The ACES Nation platform provides powerful tools newly applied to the youth and amateur sports market to get the most out of participants' academic and athletic potential. The platform has the opportunity to dramatically improve health and discipline, while delivering on scholarship and academic opportunities for every participant.

- Jason Clement
Founding Partner and CEO, SFM

Skill Development Coach

We all have a million things thrown at us and a lot going on day to day, but when I finally saw all that ACES Nation offered sports clubs, I literally stopped everything that I was doing to become part of it. The scholarships, performance, nutrition, and recruiting are everything that a student-athlete needs. The real financial aid savings plans for college are everything that parents need. And the websites and resources are beyond amazing for sports clubs.
It's all brilliant. And nothing short of remarkable.
Don't wait another day before becoming part of it.

Rich Walton
Founder & CEO of Skill Development Coach

Ostingers Baseball Academy

When it comes to college recruiting knowledge, there is no one like Tim Livingston. For several years now, we have hosted a Baseball College Showcase where Tim has facilitated the recruiting seminar between 20+ college coaches and hundreds of families. His ability to interact with and engage the coaches and participants, while communicating and articulating the realities and challenges of going to college, playing in college and paying for college continues to impress me and everyone involved.

Jim Osting
Founder of Ostingers Baseball Academy | Former MLB Player

Ostingers Baseball Academy

I have been working with ACES Nation CEO, Tim Livingston, for the past five years and every year his program gets better and better. The new ACES Nation microsite is great! It provides a one-stop shop for all of my athletes' needs. Everything my student-athletes need in the recruiting process is in one place, making my life much easier!

Jim Osting
Founder of Ostingers Baseball Academy | Former MLB Player

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Since July 2013, ACES NATION has provided student-athletes with Tuition Rewards Points valued at approximately

$24,143,500in private college scholarships